Korg MonotronDUO Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer
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Korg MonotronDUO Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer

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Offering two oscillators, the monotron DUO adds an extra dimension of sound. Tune the oscillators in unison for a rich, thick, analog tone; in intervals for classic soloing sounds and generating new effects. The X-MOD (cross modulation) circuit taken from Korg's classic Mono/Poly can introduce a mild or razor-sharp edge to the overall sound. The monotron DUO's ribbon controller keyboard features a Scale function to select one of four scales: Chromatic, Major, Minor, or Off. Choose the Chromatic scale to play precise pitches as on a piano, or choose Major or Minor to generate musically coherent phrases on the keyboard.

Korg MonotronDUO Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer features:

VCO1+VCO2 (Sawtooth) with Pitch Control; VCF with Cutoff and Peak Control
X-Mod circuit borrowed from the classic Korg Mono/Poly
Ribbon Keyboard with Scale Select: Major, Minor, Chromatic, Off
Original MS-20 Filter with aux input
Built-in speaker, battery power


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