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Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon KIDS ShowKit

By Courts, Randy
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Bring the magic of Broadway to your classroom and school theater with these student adaptations of classic Broadway musicals. Each of these treasured tales is teacher-tested, kid-friendly, and custom tailored for success.   The ShowKit includes all the resources you need for a successful production
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Bring the magic of Broadway to your classroom and school theater with these student adaptations of classic Broadway musicals. Each of these treasured tales is teacher-tested, kid-friendly, and custom tailored for success.  
The ShowKit includes all the resources you need for a successful production with easy suggestions for staging, costuming, and sets, making it a perfect opportunity for an all-school collaboration.

30 Libretto/Vocal Books
Piano/Vocal Score
Director's Script
30 Family Matters Booklets
Production Handbook
Cross-Curricular Book
Digital Content Access – including accompaniment tracks, guide vocals, choreography videos, and show resources!

Note: school name, director name, and an email address MUST be provided to receive the licensing agreement and digital content. Your order cannot be completed without this information and will delay the arrival of materials.

The vocal parts have been carefully adapted to be sung by unchanged or changed voices and the script and score have been custom-tailored to make the show appropriate for young performers through the ninth grade. Upon placing your order, you will receive a Dramatic Performing Rights License from Hal Leonard Corporation which will allow your organization unlimited performing rights for one year. 

Who is eligible to purchase this showkit?

  • Accredited schools using actors in Grades K-9, including American schools with an APO address
  • Homeschool organizations
  • All other organizations must order directly from Music Theater International (MTI).

Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon KIDS is an adaptation of the fourth of Mary Pope Osborne's award-winning fantasy adventure books from the Magic Tree House book series, which has sold more than 100 million copies and is available in more than a hundred countries around the world. This time around, Jack and Annie's tree house takes them to an exotic island with pirates, where the two discover the power of friendship and the simple pleasures in everyday life.

Looking for a reprieve from the dreary, rainy, no-fun day, two siblings return to visit the magic tree house in the Frog Creek woods.  Their gaze falls upon a book lying open on the floor, showing images of a sunny, blue sky and waves crashing on the beach, so they wish to travel to this tropical place. They soon find themselves in the eighteenth-century Caribbean, the time of pirates! The siblings meet Captain Bones, a mean old pirate who captures the two and forces them to help him find buried treasure. It's up to Jack and Annie to find their way back to the tree house and make their way home.

Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon KIDS is a great first pick for new directors, or if you have students who are new to the performing arts. The cast can be expanded to include plenty of pirates and island creatures, and students always enjoy a musical that takes place in a fantasy setting.

Pirates Putting on a Play
Spinning to an Island
The Tropical Island Song
Row, Dogs, Row
How Do You Do, I'm Captain Bones (Part 1)
How Do You Do, I'm Captain Bones (Part 2)
Bones, Bones, Bones
Every Pirate Needs a Parrot
Reading a Book
Gold (Part 1)
Gold (Part 2)
Spinning Home
Pirates Putting on a Play (Reprise)

Cast of Characters:
Jack is a young boy. He is bookish, careful and thoughtful, but he is NOT a nerd! Jack has tremendous curiosity about the world around him and loves to take notes about his observations. Jack tends to be very cautious in new situations, and his adventures in the tree house help him develop his confidence. He has a good (and protective) relationship with his younger sister, Annie, though her more impetuous nature often gets on his nerves. This is a big role and requires a strong singer and actor.

Annie is Jack's younger sister and, in many ways, his opposite in terms of personality. She is a risk-taker who often follows her heart instead of her head. She sometimes teases Jack about his careful attitude toward life and encourages him to be more adventurous. She loves animals of any kind and has a very loving heart. Like Jack, this role requires strong singing and acting. When auditioning, you might mix and match your Jack and Annie hopefuls to see which ones have the best brother-sister chemistry.

Morgan is an ageless librarian enchantress. By the end of the play, Jack and Annie learn that the Magic Tree House belongs to Morgan. Morgan magically turns herself into Polly so that she can try to help the kids on this adventure, so for most of the show, Morgan will be costumed as a parrot. Look for an actor who can move easily in a more elaborate costume for most of the show. Although she doesn't speak or sing until the end, this large and important part requires one of your most mature female performers with both strong singing and acting skills.

First Mate
The First Mate enjoys being in charge of his crew and must jumpstart the play with a commanding first line. He has solo singing lines and also helps to narrate the story, so cast an actor with a strong speaking and singing voice. This character can be played by a male or female actor.

Captain Bones
Captain Bones is the epitome of a fearsome, odious pirate. He enjoys being vile and mean. Look for an actor who isn't afraid to really put himself out there - one who has both a physical and vocal swagger. Consider casting your strongest comic performer for this role - the absurd comedic tone of the play is highly dependent on Bones. If possible, it would be fun to cast an actor who is smaller in stature than his minions to highlight the comedy of his bullish ways. Although Bones does sing a solo part on "How Do You Do, I'm Captain Bones (Part 2)," those lines can be spoken, so if you have a kid who is a talented actor but a less-experienced singer, this role would be good for him. Captain Bones can be played by either a girl or a boy as long as the actor has a commanding stage presence and great comedic timing.

Pinky, Stinky, Blinky and Slinky
Pinky, Stinky, Blinky and Slinky are henchmen for Captain Bones. Though these pirates are devoted to Bones, they are not nearly as clever or mean. These large speaking roles all require good comedic timing. These roles are good for kids who will relish being able to dress and talk like a pirate in front of their peers. Look for strong actors who can carry a tune, are good at focusing and taking direction and who are capable of working together as a team. Cast males, females or both.

Jonah is a cabin boy who wants to help Jack and Annie escape from Bones. In stark contrast to the Pirates, he is kind, soft-spoken and tender-hearted. While being held captive, Jack and Annie teach Jonah how to read. Jonah's solo parts in "Reading a Book" require a strong singer, and the role requires an actor capable of quiet subtlety, so if possible, cast one of your strong performers in this role. If you are short on boys, cast a girl to play a boy.

Billy, Molly, Nathaniel, Wilhelmina, Peter, Pirates
Billy, Molly, Nathaniel, Wilhelmina, Peter, and additional Pirates are the often funny and spirited Pirates under the command of Captain Bones. The named Pirates should be the strongest actors and singers of this group. If you don't have enough boys to play Billy and Nathaniel, cast girls who would have fun playing a boy. Casting extra Pirates is a good way to round out the chorus and to utilize performers who are less experienced.

Teeki the Seagull
Teeki the Seagull is a jubilant bird with a need to express her joy for life. She is the matriarch of the Island Creatures on this particular Caribbean island. Cast an actor who enjoys the spotlight and who is physically uninhibited - someone who has good vocal and movement skills and isn't afraid to "get into the groove" of the "Tropical Island Song."

Pedro the Pelican
Pedro the Pelican is a prim and proper pelican. Although not a large role, Pedro has a few solo lines. It might be comedic to watch this rather rigid, self-conscious bird get lured into the groove of "The Tropical Island Song" until he or she is the most enthusiastic dancer of them all. Cast an actor who can play shy but who isn't afraid to dance and let loose on stage.

Stella the Starfish
Stella the Starfish is a sweet, happy starfish who loves to dance. Stella has a few solo lines, so look for an actor who has a strong voice and can lead the other Starfish in a dance.

Island Creatures
Island Creatures including Pelican #1, Pelican #2, Pelican #3, Lizard #1, Lizard #2, Lizard #3, Corey the Crab, Starfish Partner, Additional Crabs, Lobsters, Starfish and Jellyfish sing "The Tropical Island Song" and "Treasure." Cast as many performers as your stage and program will allow. As long as you have a few strong performers representing each group of creatures, casting extra creatures is a great way to give additional children experience without the pressure of a large role. Feel free to assign character names to match the number of performers you cast. If needed, you can double-cast your more experienced Island Creatures as Pirates as well.


Author Courts, Randy
Format ShowKit
Print Age/Grade Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Kindergarten
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