Orff Re-Echoes III
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Orff Re-Echoes III

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The Orff Re-Echoes 3 is a compilation of articles and supplements from the Orff Echo from 1983 through 1995.  Articles were chosen based on their general interest, relevance to the Orff approach, and usefulness.  This collection serves as a permanent collection of serious articles for the Orff instructor and/or enthusiast.  Editor, Linda Hines.

Table of Contents:
Part I: History
- Orff Schulwerk: Where Did it Come From?
- Notes on the Carl Orff Manuscript
- Rediscovering Orff's First Xylophone
- Gunild Keetman: A Biography
- On Celebrating the Life of Gunild Keetman
- AOSA Founders and Visionaries
- AOSA Founders and Visionaries: Part Two

Part II: Philosophy and Pedagogy
- Orff's Deeper Message
- The Ostinato: In the Schulwerk, in the World Beyond
- Life Values Inherent in the Schulwerk
- Orff Schulwerk: An Integrated Foundation
Editorials and Viewpoints
- Elemental Thoughts About Orff Schulwerk
- Pioneer Ideas: Guarantees for the Future
- Conference Panel: The Schulwerk in Retrospect
- Interview with Margaret Murray
- Interview with Jos Wuytack
- Conference Panel: Focus on the Future
- Orff Schulwerk: Past, Present, and Future
- What is Real Music? Who Defines "Real?"
- Why Solfege?
- Teaching the Music of Many Cultures
- On Magic
Theory and Analysis
- A Consideration of "Traditional"
- Orff Schulwerk: A Middle Level Perspective
- The Artistic Dimension in the Development of our Children
- The Schulwerk and Music Therapy
- What Happens in the General Music Class?
- Orff Schulwerk and Current Cognitive Psychology
- Joining Musical and Multicultural Aims for the Sake of Our Children
- In Search of Music in American Cultures

Part III: Applications
Early Childhood
- Orff and Piaget: Partners in Learning
- Musical Learning Through Play
- Panel in Print: Music in Early Childhood Education
- Understanding the Limits of the Human Voice: Singing Without Breakdowns
- The American Negro Spiritual: An Elemental Style
- Ostinato in Motion
- Dance in the African-American Tradition
- Focusing on the "Folk" in Folk Dance
- Classic Inspirations for Movement
- Dance and Imagination: The Creative Art Process
- Movement Activities: A Possible Sequence
- Movement and Dance: Integrated Elements of Orff Schulwerk
- Teaching from Models: Speech
- Teaching from Models: Rhythm
Literature, Folklore, and Drama
- Poetry in the Music Room
- Medieval Music and Dance OR What You Can Do with Only One Line
- Traditional Appalachian Music: Resources for Orff Teachers
- Ostinato: Words
In the Classroom
- Beginning Classroom Experiences in Jazz
- Exploring Recorder Models
- Tips to Recorder Teachers

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AuthorHines, Linda
Barcode ISBN9780999145920
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