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Poetic License; Using Poetry to Guide Composition; By Mari Schay; Book; 68 pages; Grades 2 - 6 The goal of Poetic License is to provide a framework for composition projects in the general music classroom. Each poem is written with standard rhythmic notation. Reproducible worksheets with step-by-step instructions will guide students to add melody to the poem. Activities are organized by musical concept, with each section further organized by difficulty. As your students work to compose pleasant and singable melodies, duets, and arrangements, they will also learn to count intervals, create chords, and explore expressive techniques. Contents: Introduction About This Book The Process Tonality Poetic (Composer's) License Assessment Teaching Rhythmic Notation Section 1: Simple Composition ABC (3 pitches) Mississippi (4 pitches) Woodchucks (4 pitches) Falling Leaves (4 pitches) Going to Saint Ives (6 pitches) My Limerick (6 pitches, 6/8 meter) Spring Storm (6 pitches, 6/8 meter) Section 2: Counting Intervals I Scream (3 pitches, 1 interval to count) Rain on the Green Grass (4 pitches, 1 interval to count) Loose Tooth (6 pitches, 1 interval to count) Pancake Day (4 pitches, 2 intervals to count) The Clock (5 pitches, 2 intervals to count) Forehead, Eyes (5 pitches, 1 interval to count, 6/8 meter) Section 3: Melodic Patterns, Inversions, and Transpositions Pins (2 patterns, with 1 reversal of each pattern) Mud Pie (2 patterns, 1 transposition, 1 reversal) Section 4: Harmony Bubble Gum (1 pattern for each part with 2 additional chord tones) Onomatopoeia (1 pattern for each part with 1 reversal, 1 inversion, 2 transpositions) Section 5: Motifs The House That Jack Built (12 motifs) Support Materials Self-Assessment Teacher Assessment Composition Checklist Bellboard Staff Paper


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AuthorSchay, Mari
Barcode ISBN1429129921
PublisherHeritage Music Press


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