Progressive Rock Rhythm Guitar
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Progressive Rock Rhythm Guitar

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Led by the guitar heroics of Travis LeVrier and Chris Letchford, Scale the Summit has become one of progressive rock's most revered bands. In Progressive Rock Rhythm Guitar, LeVrier takes readers through some of the rhythm guitar techniques and musical approaches that he incorporates into the band's music, making him one of the genre's most creative and technically gifted guitarists. 

You will explore dozens of riffs through the nine chapters of this book, and delve into such topics as odd meter, seven-string guitar, Drop D tuning, and riff construction, all of which are expertly demonstrated by LeVrier in the accompanying video. 

Progressive Rock Rhythm Guitar is a must-have for any guitarist looking to take his/her rhythm chops to the next level! 

This book includes online access to video tracks for download or streaming. Access the videos using the unique code inside the book! 


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AuthorLeVrier, Travis
Barcode ISBN149504579X
PublisherHal Leonard


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