Recorder Improvisation and Technique, Book 3
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Recorder Improvisation and Technique, Book 3

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Recorder Improvisation and Technique Book 3

Advanced - Composing, Arranging, Analysis

Isabel McNeill Carley Orff Essentials Collection

By Isabel McNeill Carley
Book Three is for the student already confident playing both C and F recorders. These lessons focus in detail on how the Orff-Schulwerk Volumes' basic sequence can be successfully applied to recorder teaching and playing. Compositional forms are explored with improvised materials using major, modal, and minor scales as well as dominant and subdominant bass-lines, improvised melodies, ornamentation, paraphony, descants, and other enhancements. A final chapter expands on improvisation for movement, free solo improvisation, and various kinds of group improvisation.


  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Review D Major, A Major, Finding basses for tunes, Improvising over I-V basses and chord patterns, Chord patterns on recorders
  • Titles:  Go Tell Aunt Nancy, Did You Ever See a Lassie, Nancy's Fancy
  • Lesson 2:  Tranposition, Variation, doubling in thirds and sixths 
  • Titles:  Dance for Alto Recorder and Timpani, French Canadian Tune, French Lullaby
  • Lesson 3:  Melodic ornamentation in historic styles, Melodic variations on a familiar tune
  • Titles:  Moriske, Branle de Champaigne, Konigstanz, Mohrentanz 
  • Lesson 4:  Natural, Melodic, and Harmonic Minors; Minor scales of E, A, B, F#; Combining short dances into longer forms 
  • Titles:  Round Dance (Warum), The Siege of Limerick, Time-Change Dance, B Minor Dance
  • Lesson 5: Scale canons, Improvising a second part, Chords on recorder for improvisation, Improvised accompaniment
  • Titles:  The Paw-Paw Patch, Unto Us a Child Is Born, La Guignolee, Viva le Musica, Spring Canon, Dick's Maggot  
  • Lesson 6: G Minor, Harmonic minor scale patterns, Melodic improvisation over I-V chord patterns
  • Titles:  Attaignant's Pavane, Greensleeves and Yellow Lace, Two Canons by Caldara, Joy in the Gates, Raisins and Almonds
  • Lesson 7: Minors and modes, Modal variations on a familiar tune, Variations on Q+A improvised tune, Parallel modes 
  • Titles:  Portabella, The Beaux Stratagem, Garry Owen, Scale Canons
  • Lesson 8: Hand-sign improvisation in parallel thirds, Adding improvised second parts to tunes, Organum, Faux Bourdon, Heterophony, Parallel thirds and sixths over a bass line, Shifting chords   
  • Titles:  A La Claire Fontaine, Yankee Doodle, Nun Bin Ich Einmal Frei, O Filii et Filiae
  • Lesson 9: Subdominant, Scale and hand-sign improvisation in faux bourdon, Improvising over AX chord patterns, Improvised Dorian dance over I-IV-V 
  • Titles:  Old Jubiter, a Trumpet Air, Dance for Recorders
  • Lesson 10:  Decoration of the Third, Chaconne, Completing a Rondo for Recorders 
  • Titles:  Greensleeves, Diego Ortiz (2 excerpts), Chaconne, Rondo for Recorders
  • Lesson 11:  Making Descants, Doubling the descant in thirds or sixths, Using sevenths and ninths
  • Titles:  Au Claire de la Lune, The Animal Song, Uns Kommt Ein Schiff, Marienruf, Los Cuatro Muleros, Time-Change Dance Two
  • Lesson 12:  Improvisation for movement, Accompanying movement, Improvisation for dramatic situations, Free solo improvisation over Klang-Ostinato, Unmetered free solo improvisation, Group improvisation 
  • Titles:  Skipping Dance
  • RESOURCES:Fingerings for Recorders in F and C


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AuthorMcNeill Carley, Isabel
Barcode ISBN9780983654520
PublisherBrasstown Press
SeriesIsabel McNeill Carley Orff Essentials Collection


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