Recorder Success (Book)
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Recorder Success (Book)

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Recorder Success

Soprano Recorder Classroom Method Book

By Chris Judah-Lauder

Book only

52 pages

A refreshing, hands-free-approach recorder method for classroom or individual use. There is a strong emphasis on improvisation and student-created variations and forms. Most songs are 8 to 16 measures in length with many duets included. A larger staff font is used to help children stay focused.

Sequence of pitches taught: B, A, G, low E, high C, high D, low D, F#, low C, low F and high E.

This book is also available with a PowerPoint CD, item 839250.


  • Reading Music
  • Unit 1: Playing Pitch "B"; Improvise Over B
  • Unit 2: Adding Pitches "A" and "G";Just A Note, Playing A and B, Playing G, Playing G and A, Down the Staff plus 3 Variations and 1 Improvisation
  • Unit 3: More Songs with "B," "A," and "G";Somthing Hiding, Hot Cross Buns plus 2 Variations, Strolling, Try Three, Upward, Au Clair de la Lune, Sleep Baby Sleep, Syn-Co-Pa (duet), Grandma Grunts, The Cricket (duet)
  • Unit 4: Adding "Low E";Boat Song, Starting with E plus 2 Variations, Down to E (duet), Bye Baby Bunting, Giddy Up My Burro, Hotaru Koi
  • Unit 5: Adding "High C";Juba, Boil Them Cabbage Down (duet), Engine Engine Number Nine, Rise Sally Rise, Slowly in Three (trio), Walk Briskly, Sweet Tooth, Down in the Meadow
  • Unit 6: Adding "High D" Lady Come, Taking Turns (duet) plus 1 Variation, Bought Me a Cat, Jim Along Josie (duet), Good King Wenceslas, Jingle Bells, Kansas Boys (duet in B section)
  • Unit 7: Adding "Low D" Moonlight, The Jolly Miller, The Little Bells of Westminster, Hey Betty Martin, A Hundred Miles, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Chichipapa, Bugle Call, Lullaby (Sioux Indian), Hush Little Baby, Toodala
  • Unit 8: Adding "F#" Lady Come, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Are You Sleeping?, Burgundian Dance, On the Mountain (trio), Bingo, La Raspa (duet in B section), The Farandole (duet)
  • Unit 9: Adding "Low C" Little Tommy Tinker, Duet in C, Tideo, Hanging Around C, Papa's Billy Goat (duet)
  • Unit 10: Adding "Low F" Ram Sam Sam, Lullaby Round, Old Texas, The Lame Crane, Shoo Shoo Shoo Reparoo, A-Hunting We Will Go, Wake Me! (duet)
  • Unit 11: Adding "High E" Peas Porridge Hot, Ego Sum Pauper, Land of the Silver Birch, Travel, Auld Lang Syne, Feeling Good
  • Assessment Form
  • PowerPoint Sample
  • Fingering Charts


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AuthorJudah-Lauder, Chris
PublisherSweet Pipes


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