Shakin' the Chute
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Shakin' the Chute

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Shakin' the Chute Fitness with a Parachute By Michael Plunkett CD Help kids get the kind of exercise they will find exciting and fun! Play with a colorful parachute inspires creative movement while promoting quality fitness. You can dance, shake and freeze with a chute. You can team up and learn new skills. Shakin' the Chute offers activities to open and close the day, get moving at recess, use for circle time, parties and more. There are fresh new routines to increase mobility, reinforce directionality skills, body identification awareness, encourage imaginative play, practice following directions and reinforce early-learning concepts. Selections - Vocal Instructions and Music 1. Shakin' the Chute! (Imaginative play, taking turns, friendship) 2. Freeze! (Self-regulatory behavior, listening skills, teamwork) 3. The Parachute March (Rhythm, teamwork, balance) 4. Popcorn Parachute; (Creative movement and play, teamwork) 6. The Parachute Rap (Large motor activity, body identification) 7. Parachute Bop (Following directions, concept of world, play) 8. Little Daddy Long Legs (Spinning, taking turns, creative movement) 9. Parachute Pow Wow (Circle activity, taking turns, cultual awareness) 10. Rockin' the Chute (Imaginative play, taking turns, friendship) 11. Merry-Go-Round (Circle activity, following directions, creative movement) 12. Rainbow Ballet (creative movement, dance) 13. Goodbye, Goodbye (Closing song, friendship)


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AuthorPlunkett, Michael
Barcode ISBN1563461757
PublisherKimbo Educational


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