Teaching Movement and Dance
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Teaching Movement and Dance

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Written by one of the country's leading authorities on movement-based active learning and recreational folk dance, Phyllis Weikart, this revised and expanded edition offers improved teaching progressions to help students develop comfort with movement and steady beat independence.

Featuring 134 step-by-step dance notation including more than 30 new dances, the sixth edition will prove valuable to music and physical education teachers, elementary classroom teachers, curriculum coordinators and supervisors and persons working with older adults. Use with Rhythmically Moving set of 9 CDs (items 850842 or 850843-850851).

For all ages.


Part One:

  • A Sequential Approach to Rhythmic Movement
  • Introduction to Part One
  • 1. The Teaching Model, Movement Core and Support Strategies
  • 2. Presenting Movement and Dance Activities - Engaging the Learner
  • 3. Ways to Move - Enabling the Learner
  • 4. Extending Movement Activities - Extending the Learner
  • 5. Introducing Folk Dance to Beginners
  • 6. Folk Dance - The Delivery System

Part Two:

  • Beginning Folk Dances
  • Beginning Level I Dances:
    • Brian Boru's March; Fjaskern; Haya Ze Basadeh; Irish Stew; Les Saluts; The Little Shoemaker; Oh How Lovely; Progressive Circle Dance; Progressive Circle Dance II; Southwind; Te Ve Orez; Troika; Two-Part Dance; Yankee DoodleBeginning
  • Level II Dances:
    • Big Circle Dance; Count 64; Sliding; Yankee Doodle II; Zigeunerpolka; Alley Cat; Djurdjevka Kolo; Pata Pata; Peat Fire Flame; Soldier's Joy; All the Way to Galway; Close Encounters; Close Encounters II; The Hustle; Iste Hendek; Bannielou Lambaol; Erev Shel Shoshanim; Nigun; Nigun II; Sneaky Snake; Ais Giorgis; Amos Moses; Dimna Juda; Echo; Happy Feet; Hasapikos; The Little Shoemaker I;, Pravo Horo; Tipsy; Ajde Noga Za Nogama; Bulgarian Dance #1; Gaelic Waltz; Kendime; Pata Pata IIBeginning
  • Level III Dances:
    • Bele Kawe; Chiotikos; Cumberland Square; Debka Daluna; Ducec; Hot Pretzels; Jamaican Holiday; Kortanc; La Raspa; Limbo Rock; Man in the Hay; Sham Hareh Golan; Tanko Bushi; Tant' Hessie; Toi Nergis; Ve David; Zemer Atik; The Entertainer; Good Old Days; Popcorn; Twelfth Street Rag; Alunelul, Bossa Nova; Instant Success; Irish Mixer; Jamaican Holiday II; Joe Clark Mixer; Spanish Coffee; Twelfth Street Rag II; Ugros; Apat-Apat; Hole in the Wall; Mexican MixerEven Dance Steps: Cherkessiya; Ciocarlanul; Mechol Hagat; Armenian Misirlou; Corrido; Debka Le Adama; Hora Medura; Mayim; Romanian Hora; Dimna Juda Mamo; Dirlada; Sweet Girl; Branle Normand; Debka Kurdit; D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln; Hora, Machar; Makazice Kolo; Niguno Shel Yossi; Seven Jumps; Shibolet Basadeh; Sicilian Tarantella; Bekendorfer Quadrille; Carnavalito; Ersko Kolo; Fado Blanquita; Frunza; Ken Yovdu; Korobushka; Kuma Echa; Pljeskavac Kolo; Road to the Isles; Salty Dog Rag; Savila Se Bela Loza; SetnjaUneven Dance Steps: Bechatzar Harabbi; Hora Agadati; Hora Bialik; Hora Pe Gheata; Danish Sextur; Hashual; Hora Hassidit; Jambo; Makedonikos Horos; Misirlou-Kritikos; Nebesko Kolo; Sellenger's Round; Hineh Ma Tov; Le'Or Chiyucheck; Ma Na'Vu; Sapri Tama; Doudlebska Polka; Jessie Polka


  • Beat Competence Assessment
  • Beat Coordination Screening Tool
  • Beat Competence and Academic Performance
  • Motor Patterns Sequenced by Level of Difficulty
  • Suggested Lesson Sequence: Beginning Folk Dance Unit for Older Adults
  • Training Options
  • GlossaryAlphabetical Index of Dances


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AuthorWeikart, Phyllis
Barcode ISBN9781573792882
PublisherHigh/Scope Press

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