Dating back to at least 19th century Western Mexico, mariachi is full of rich history and tradition. Let students experience a new culture or learn the wonderful history of their own, with the instruments, accessories, and music from West Music Mariachi! We carry everything you need to grow your Latin and mariachi music education programs, whether they’re just starting out or you’re looking to replace or upgrade parts of an existing curriculum. Discover print and media like method books, resource texts, and informational DVDs for advice and instruction, or delve right into it with instruments like mariachi guitars, accordions, and trumpets.

West Music carries a fantastic assortment of products for mariachi, including pieces from brands like Jose Hernandez, La Bella, Guadalupe, D’Addario, and Dunlop. It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching private lessons, starting a mariachi program in the music department, or homeschooling your children and want them to understand their heritage, we have a variety of equipment at prices that won’t break the budget!
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