Intros Endings and Turnarounds for Ukulele
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Intros Endings and Turnarounds for Ukulele

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Great songs have four things in common: a strong intro, a powerful ending, a melodic hook or catchy riff, and memorable lyrics. If you'd like to learn how you can spice up your repertoire, let Lil' Rev show you how a simple intro or ending can really enhance an otherwise ordinary tune.

In this book with access to online videos, you'll explore early jazz, blues, rock, folk and old time traditions. Open to anyone who already knows some basic chords and is willing to venture up the neck a little! The book includes nearly an hour of video lessons available for download or streaming online, featuring performances by Lil' Rev.


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AuthorLil Rev
Barcode ISBN9781495056659
PublisherHal Leonard


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