Peter & the Wolf (DVD)
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Peter & the Wolf (DVD)

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This DVD Academy Award-winning interpretation of Sergei Prokofiev's classic tale, Peter & the Wolf, is accompanied by an orchestra recording, stop-frame model animation, and state-of-the-art digital technology to create a magical world in which little boys can find the strength and courage to overcome their fears. Director Suzie Templeton's unique take on Peter & the Wolf is particularly effective in the tale's update into the realities of a more contemporary Russia. This version may not be appropriate for young children. In this version of the classic tale, the grandfather loves Peter, but his fear of the wolves howling in the woods behind his home has caused him to build a gloomy fortress in the backyard where he can protect Peter. Peter is a compassionate boy who loves his grandfather but wants to freely play with his pet duck outside the makeshift fortress where it is sunny, and there are inviting places to explore. Even the locals in town seem to know about the grandfather's efforts to protect Peter from the wolves. There is an escape from the fortress out into the woods and light-hearted scenes of playing outside and on the icy pond. The duck, bird, and cat provide amusing scenes. The wolf swallows the duck in this version, but there is no more violence, just some delightfully scary times trying to keep the cat and bird away from the wolf. Peter finds strength and courage to protect his animal friends and shows mercy as well with the wolf. The music fits this film adaptation beautifully. This film is 32 minutes.

DVD special features:
Musical Themes of Peter & the Wolf
The Making of Peter & the Wolf
Behind the Scenes Documentary
Director's Commentary on Rough Cut
Educational Workshops for Schools
Peter & the Wolfin Pictures

Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Animated Short Film - 2007 Annecy International Film Festival's Grand Prix Rose d'Or Festival - May 2007 - Performing Arts category



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