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Playing Together
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Playing Together

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Playing Together An Introduction to Teaching Orff-Instrument Skills,Music for Children series By Jane Frazee Book 40 pages ; This book provides a sequenced program for building instrumental technique that first approaches instrumental color through rhyme and song, progresses to mallet technique through;playing accompaniments and then proceeds to playing melodies and then melodies and accompaniments.; The musical materials used are folk melodies, Renaissance music, composed pieces and standard Orff-Schulwerk literature. Contents:1.;Enjoying Sounds,; Storytelling on Pitched Instruments,, Jack and Jill,;Humpty Dumpty,;Little Miss Muffet,;Jack Be Nimble,;Hickory Dickory Dock*, Exploring Instrumental Color,, The Giant,;Hey Diddle Diddle,;Up the Ladder,;Old Pond*,;Spring Rain*2.;Playing Accompaniments,Hands Together: Octaves,, German Folk Melody,;Ich spring an diesem Ring,;All Around the Buttercup*,;Green Bough*, Hands Together: Drones,, Filles a Marier,;Triory de Bretagne,;Latvian Lullaby*,;Moonrise*, Hands in Alternation: Octaves,, Breton Folk Melody,;Keetman Piece #8,;Branle,;When the Sun Wakes Up*, Hands in Alternation: Drones,, Ungaresca,;Long Summer Day*,;Tourdion Basse Dance,;Whistle Daughter Whistle*, Hands Together: Moving to Adjacent Pitches (Octaves),, Instrumental Piece,;Elizabethan Inspiration, Hands Together: Moving to Adjacent Pitches (Fifths),, Lullaby*,;Prendes I garde,; Moving Drone: Fifth Moves,, Instrumental Piece #1,;Roses*,;No Sky at All*, Moving Drone: Tonic Moves,, Melody #11,;Ring Around the Rosie*, Dominant Shift: Drone Moves to Dominant Octave,, Babylon's Falling*,;British Folk Song,;Didn't My Lord*, Hand Crossing: Left Crosses, Right Stable,, Instrumental Piece #29,;Folk Dance,;Down Came a Lady*, Hand Crossing: Right Crosses, Left Stable,, Cut the Cake,;Melody #7, 3. Playing Melodies,; Steps,, One Step at a Time, Come Be Merry, La Cloche, Sleepy;Head,; Skips,, The Absent F, Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Crooked Man, The B Section,Repeated Notes,, The A Section, Keetman Piece #12, Melody #17, Ungaresca,; Steps, Skips and Repeated Notes,, Branle de Champaigne, Keetman Piece #8, Keetman Piece #22, Keetman Piece #274. Playing Two-Part Instrumental Pieces,,; Canon #37, Pavan, Listen to the River, Rondo, Allegro #5, Allegro* Melody is sung.


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Country of ManufactureUnited States
AuthorFrazee, Jane
Barcode ISBN1847611494
SeriesMusic for Children
Print Age / GradeGrade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Kindergarten


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